13th November 2017

Classic Garden Presentation Gift Box arrives!

The Classic Garden presentation gift box with Italian secateur by Betakut and Bergamo sharpening stone.

A unique set, developed from UK customer feedback, and now available to purchase online. For a limited time only receive 10% off the RRP and get a FREE delivery (UK mainland).

Why offer a garden pruning product together with a sharpening stone?

(By-pass shear 805-23 from Betakut with Bergamo sharpening stone P1013)

Firstly – Betakut (Est. in 1955) developed the ‘805’ series of shears, well proven having been ‘tried & tested’ over many years in Italian gardens. At 23 cms in length it is the perfect size to hold and prune. Made from the traditional hot drop forging methods in Erba, Italy and assembled and sharpened by hand in the artisan Betakut factory.

Secondly – Research shows that a By-pass shear with the sharpest blade will perform the cleanest possible cut. A cleaner more precise cut will benefit the shrub health and its continued growth. So, keeping both a high quality forged steel pruner and a sharpening stone (perfect canoe shaped & grit hardness) safely stored in a tailor-made box makes great sense.


The elegant wooden box, with closing clasp, makes for a great gift for a keen gardener!

Complete with instructions on how best to get the most from your pruner & sharpening stone set.


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